💥 A Sexy Sins Quest RH 💋

One sassy angel-in-waiting, four sexy-as-sin dragons, and a paranormal quest of epic proportions.

Death is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
Well, it was until my murderer’s curse follows me into the afterlife.

No sooner have I started my new job and his ghost appears,
Threatening to take my newfound happiness—and my life.

But when four hot dragon shifters make a deal with the gods that involves my help, 
I’m off on a quest with these deliciously dangerous men,

Men who tempt me to do things I know I shouldn’t.
Their touch ignites a flame I’ve never felt.

Starting something with them could hold a high price, and I’m not sure I’ve got the means to pay it.
I just hope my murderer doesn’t kill us all first!


MICK’S MISSION is book one in the Sexy Sins Quest series. Each book is a standalone, but a continuation of the Sexy Sins story. MICK’S MISSION is a reverse harem with multiple love interests with the main character.

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