Like many, sex is an important part of our romances, and fantasy is a big part of what keeps that from getting stale. For me, writing erotic romance is not a hobby, it’s a calling. That calling is just one of the many things that keeps add spice to my thirty-year affair with my beloved husband. Whether you’re feeding your own fantasies, looking for ideas on how to add a little something special to your own sex life, or just wanting to read a good romance, my erotic romance stories will help feed your fantasies!
  • Ticket to Temptation

    She’s unfulfilled. His urges don’t play by the book. Can a mysterious manor help them break free from the ties that bind? Logan Archer is ready for a fresh start.…

  • Scorpio Saga

    She taught him how to be a man. He’ll teach her the true meaning of passion… Few women ever stood out to Connor McClane. But when he reunites with the…

  • Scorpio Begins

    No strings… Only possibilities… My name is Connor McClane, and if you haven’t guessed, I’m a Scorpio. Few women have ever made an impression on me. Not one of them…

  • Scorpio Awakens

    Secrets. Hidden yearnings. Against all odds. Katherine King has a history of running—from love, from intimacy, and from the kind of sex that really turns her on. This pattern first…

  • Scorpio Rising

    Welcome back. Connor McClane here to escort you on another adventure of love, lust, and intrigue. To bring you up to date: A serious car crash has wiped Kat’s memory—and…